Inbound Marketing for Technical Companies

We specialise in Technical Industries

Work with an agency that understands your business


When you work with us, you can be sure that you’re working with a marketing team that understands your business and your customers.

At Challis Marketing, we specialise in only working with customers in technical industries. By specialising working with only technical industries you can rest assured that we understand your industry and your customer’s way of thinking.

Challis Marketing combines technical knowledge with inbound marketing strategy and digital skills to get the best possible ROI for our clients. Our specialist approach means that we can take the time to keep up to date with your sector, ensuring that our inbound marketing knowledge is always up-to-date.



Engineers and technical specialists are usually looking for highly technical information to understand a component or product to check it fits requirements for a design or project.

However, buyers and senior leaders should also be considered when developing marketing material, the benefits and usp of a product need to be communicated clearly to the customer.



Marketing new technology requires a deep understanding of the customer base in order to communicate the right benefits at the right time, to the right people.

We take a balanced approach when it comes to marketing new tech, ensuring that the features are promoted as well as the benefits for the customer.


Scientific Research

We have worked on various UK and EU projects, delivering exploitation and dissemination for scientific research projects.

The Impact section of Horizon 2020 projects now worth 1/3 of the total mark, we can write the initial proposal and lead the exploitation, communication and dissemination work packages.



We work with technical IT companies to develop effective B2B marketing strategies that reach the right audiences.

IT needs to appeal to a wide B2B audience as well as technical specialists in an organisation, it’s important to develop content for all levels.