Personas for a Membership Body

Personas for a Membership Body

See how we developed three personas for this membership body for their new project to ensure that we were targeting the right audience in their advertising.

The Challenge

Personas for a Membership Body

The Headmasters’ & Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC)  is a professional association of heads of the world’s leading independent schools.

The marketing team had developed a new website: to promote the independent school jobs that their members were recruiting for.

HMC got in touch with Challis Marketing to advertise the website to the right audience. They understood their audience since a market research survey had uncovered some crucial behaviours in their target market.

The Method

Personas are a crucial first step in any marketing strategy and planning process. Knowing your audience in-depth means that advertising targeting will be precise.

We used desk research, combined with interviews with the client and market research interviews with their audience to create three distinct personas for HMC Teaching Careers.

The Results

The new personas were used to guide the marketing plan for the HMC Teaching Careers website.

As a result, our campaigns have successfully targeted the right audience and the number of views per job post has seen a significant increase for the website, putting HMC Teaching Careers among the top players in the private school jobs market.

Personas for a Membership Body
Persona details have been blurred for confidentiality