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About Challis Marketing

The Full Story

Challis Marketing is a marketing consultancy, that specialises in B2B marketing.

We provide SEO and content-led marketing services that drive high-value visitors to your website to generate quality leads.

Our mission is to improve the communication of innovative B2B companies with proven and effective marketing strategies.

Our specialisms:

  • Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO

  • Lead Generation

The company began in Leicester, UK and we are now a wider team, working globally and remotely.

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About Sarah

Sarah Challis, Marketing Consultant

Sarah has over 10 years of experience in marketing. After graduating with a degree in Marketing in 2010, she began her career working in engineering and technology companies and developed a keen interest in digital marketing.

She completed her postgraduate CIM diploma in 2015 and earned a place on the ‘Membership and the Profession’ advisory group at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Sarah started Challis Marketing in 2016 in with the aim of helping innovative, B2B companies with their marketing strategy and digital activity.

Since the inception of Challis Marketing, she has been fortunate to help a variety of companies with their marketing activity to improve sales and revenue as a result.

Sarah has worked in a variety of industries, including: Manufacturing IT, Saas and FinTech companies. Her favourite topics to chat about over a coffee are Marketing Strategy, Automation and LinkedIn.

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