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[VLOG] Trying to get new tech out to market? Find the balance

Updated: Sep 26, 2022


I want to explore a bit about new technology and how new tech can get to market.

Yesterday I was at a really interesting talk called “Future Marketing.” It was a marketing conference with senior marketers from across the UK and one of the things that they were talking about is how new technology comes to market.

One talk specifically said that even when a technology tries to fit into society, society’s behaviour will change anyway.

What it means is if you have a new tech and you’re trying to fit it into what people are doing already, that’s a really good way of getting the new technology out, getting people to use is because they’re already use to a behaviour.

However, behaviours will change anyway. You can do that part. You can try and fit it in, but the behaviour is going to change anyway.


The conclusion of this, is that if you’re developing a new product or a new technology, you need to find that balance between changing a behaviour, (changing what people are using) and fitting it into society. Behaviours will change anyway, so you need to find a balance.

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