Inbound Marketing for Engineering Companies

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What Are Your Goals?


Generate high quality leads

Drive relevant prospects to your website and convert them into leads.


Automate your sales & marketing processes

Work with an engineering marketing agency to automate your follow-ups and stop leads going cold.

Promote your business online

Be seen by the right people with the right messages.

Who are You?


A Business Owner or a CEO

You want to grow the business, generate more leads for your sales team and improve the effectiveness of your engineering marketing.

A Commercial or Marketing Director

You know your brand and you have a solid marketing plan but you need an engineering marketing agency to take things to the next level.

Customer Testimonials

Challis Marketing is great to work with. The team is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about meeting the needs of our business.

Mark Stretton, Communications Manager, HMC

Challis Marketing has greatly improved our online marketing, especially in both organic and paid search engine results. Sarah is a very knowledgeable strategic marketer and it’s great to work with someone who has an in-depth understanding of our business.

Kevin Simpson, Technical Director, European Thermodynamics

Challis Marketing was instrumental in helping me to position my business for the right audience. They created insightful and knowledgeable blogs that really engaged with my prospects on social media and my website.

Ahmed Fareed, Founder, Tech Chaps

Challis Marketing massively boosted my prospecting efforts on LinkedIn. We were engaging with hundreds of new prospects every week and achieving numerous serious sales conversations every month.

Dr. Stephanie Gordon, British General Manager, Qing

Sarah is a perfect marketing professional. She delivers work with great knowledge, reliability and professionalism. These skills are very hard to find in one person.

Vadim Shelomyanov, CEO, INVAR Technologies

Sarah is an outstanding digital marketing professional who has restructured our marketing plan and goals. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work and is constantly coming up with improvement ideas.

Anthony Ibekwem, Founder, U-2-Me

Reach other engineers with in-depth, factual content. Inbound marketing builds trust. Get started now!

Some of Our Clients

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